The GEMINI system of wooden-aluminium windows

The casement window of wooden-aluminium structure called GEMINI, is a new structure depending on the joining of two independent frames, wooden and aluminium, between which there is an energy-saving double glazing unit. The outer aluminium frame guarantees durability, whereas the inner wooden frame ensures warmth and friendly aesthetics. Thus the GEMINI has all the positive features of wooden and aluminium windows, the latter ensuring long-term durability without the necessity of renovation thanks to its reliable outer frame.

The use of the GEMINI system reduces by 20 % penetrating the warmth trough the wooden part of the window, which results in considerable reduction of the energy losses. This structure is the most durable- almost indestructible. It is appreciated by designers and architects throughout the world.

Thanks to the possibility of choosing between various designs of the GEMINI system, it is [b=] very easy to match the product to the existing house or a project. A wide range of colours for both the wood and aluminium provides architects and designers with lots of possibilities.

It is very important that when two colours are chosen for either the wood or the aluminium faces of the window, these colours are available from our standard offer. Therefore there is no need to pay extra when you decide on different inner and outer colours. This situation provides unlimited design possibilities and enables the product to blend in perfectly with the existing surroundings.

In our offer we have four kinds of wooden-aluminium windows:
wooden-aluminium windows Soft Line wooden-aluminium windows Retro wooden-aluminium windows Classic wooden-aluminium windows Thermo Classic

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wooden-aluminium windows Retro Look at the details »

wooden-aluminium windows Classic Look at the details »

wooden-aluminium windows Thermo Classic Look at the details »

All the elements of the system have been checked and tested by renowned research institutes and have necessary certificates:
  • Institute for Window Technology Rosenheim, Germany
  • Institute for Building Technology Warsaw, Poland
  • Qualicoat – licence of highest for varnishing aluminium surfaces
  • TUV Rheinland InterCert Kit

Test for water tightness 1050 Pa the highest parameter in PN EN 12208
Air permeability 4th class - the highest class in PN EN 12207
Resistance to wind Up to 3000 Pa the highest class in PN EN 12210
Acoustic insulation Up to 42 dB
Thermal insulation Up to 1,28 W/m2K
Thickness of the glass unit Up to 44 mm
Maximum width of a single sash window Up to 1750 mm
Maximum height of the balcony window Up to 2850 mm
Warranty for durability of paint coating on aluminium profiles Up to 30 lat