The wood, as a building material, is still as popular as ever. It is aesthetic, natural and – if properly chosen and maintained – exceptionally durable. The wood of exotic trees has been on the Polish market for several years and the number of those who are interested in it is growing continuously. Designers, architects and investors are free to choose from a wide range of different kinds of wood in order to give their houses the most elaborate character. There is a lot of veneer and sawn-timber from exotic wood, whose beauty is quite original and whose physical properties are different from those of local wood.

It goes without saying that wood is a highly prestigious material and this is just the material that we use to manufacture products which might suit your taste.

Here are the advantages of using wood:
  • warmth: it fills the inside of the room,
  • beauty: satisfying the tastes of the most demanding people,
  • durability: not provided by any other material,
  • peace: due to its soundproof properties,
  • economy: due to the insulating properties,
  • health: because of its hygroscopic properties and natural humidifying of the air,
  • ecology: caring about the environment,
  • comfort: in everyday use,
  • trust and safety: having been used for centuries,
  • diversity: lots of various types, exotic and local ones.

Ecological attitude towards material
The wood that we offer also our customers has the FSC Certificates which proves that it comes from legal and traditionally exploited sources and that all possible measures were taken there to minimize negative effects on the environment.
Among the types of wood which have the FSC Certificate are, among others, exotic Meranti and local Pine tree.
We feel co-responsible for the future of our planet and therefore, together with others we are trying to do our best to build up ecological awareness and not to do anything that might lead to worsening of the situation.

Make use of natural diversity


Southern and South-Eastern Asia
Technical profile:
Density at 12 % (kg/m3) average 560 kg/m3

It is a kind of a Pine tree grown on plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. The wood is relatively cheap. Meranti windows are sometimes called by their manufacturers “mahogany” ones as the wood does look like mahogany but its properties and technical parameters are worse. Various kinds of Meranti are imported to Poland; their qualities depend on the density which can range from 390 to 880 kg/m3. The quality similar to that of pine wood is reached at the density of 450 kg/m3


Western, Central and eastern Africa
Technical profile:
Density at 12 % (kg/m3) average 680 kg/m3

This is an African variety of mahogany whose warm colour reddish-brown seems to be very attractive. Thanks to its specific properties the wood is used by designers as exclusive material.


North-Eastern Europe to North-Eastern Asia
Technical profile:
Density at 12 % (kg/m3) average 570 kg/m3

It is the best and hardest wood of all the conifers. Exceptionally suitable for making windows and doors. What makes it different from some others is its high resistance to humidity and therefore the wood hardly gets deformed and is not biologically corroded. However, it is rather rare and therefore relatively expensive


Technical profile:
Density at 12 % (kg/m3) average 520 kg/m3

This is a basic material used for making windows and wooden building structures. The pine wood is very good for the purpose because it is relatively hard-wearing and springy as well as easy to shape. Its resistance to humidity is sufficiently high (because of considerable amount of resin). Besides it is easy to waterproof, paint and varnish.

American Oak

The European Union
Technical profile:
Density at 12 % (kg/m3) average 770 kg/m3

It is the best material of all deciduous trees, better than pine and even larch. Oak wood is hard, very durable and resistant to abrasion. What is typical of it is its durability and resistance to changing humidity (it hardly deforms under the influence of humidity).