All the products manufactured by the PINUS Co. are covered by a warranty. In the case of balcony doors, L&S and PSK doors and entrance doors we provide:
5 lat gwarancji na konstrukcję, szczelność, zespolenia szyk i okucia5 lat gwarancji na farby kryjące3 lata gwarancji na farby lazur ukazujące strukturę drewna1 rok gwarancji na montarz stolarki wykonany przez autoryzowany serwis
The warranty is given to all the end users who have installed PINUS products, but warranty repairs do not prolong the warranty.

The warranty is in force if:
- the assembly has been made correctly and professionally by an authorized PINUS service team,
- the weather conditions are normal and suitable for the woodwork to be assembled,
- full payment has been made,
- the complaint has been made immediately after finding the fault,
- maintenance has been carried out properly – delicate preservatives have been used to maintain the woodwork (see “Maintenance”).

The warranty does not cover the following faults:
- mechanical and chemical damaging of the finished surface during the assembly and after finishing it,
- damaging caused by negligence and careless maintenance e.g. using highly alkali detergents, careless use of lime and cement, using inappropriate tapes,
- the usual wear fading of the colour or change of the colour tone,
- big changes being a result of dampness in the course of building and after its finishing, which causes swelling of the wood,
- other faults being the result of the changes named above.

Service 30 days – if a complaint has been made, the PINUS Co. is obliged to repair the fault within the period of time agreed with the customer, but not later than within 30 weekdays as of the day when the complaint was filed. The fault will be repaired or- if it is impossible – the faulty element will be replaced.