Paint and varnish

It is the wood that decides on the high quality of our products and in order to protect it from harmful factors we use the coating of the best quality – the one produced by the GORI INDUSTRY. Our windows and doors are applied with four layers of the coating, each of which has different properties and fulfils different functions. All this is done both to make the wood look beautiful and to prolong its durability.

We use the latest technologic achievements, among other things it is the nanotechnology, thanks to which the coating that is put on the wood, is hard-wearing, highly elastic and ideally smooth.

The results of using GORI NEW SOLUTIONS coating:

Effective protection of the wood against harmful influence of weather.

High permeability of vapour
- All the above make it possible for the wood “ to breathe” to drive the water off the wood and to eliminate problems caused by dampness, e.g. water stains.

Effective protection of the wood against harmful influence of biological factors
- Algae’s, lichens, mould; prevents the wood from rotting and being damaged by insects.

Hardness connected with elasticity
- After drying out it turns into hard, but also elastic final coating.

Effective protection of the wood and colour against UV radiation
- Pigments resistant to the light cause that neither the wood nor the colour turn pale or yellow.

GORI NEW SOLUTIONS - advantages::

Broad palette of the stain and paint.

Strengthened resistance to dirt
- the resistance is obtained thanks to the smooth surface and good resistance to cleaning substances.

Strengthened resistance to alkaline compounds (which can be found e.g. in cement)

Friendly towards people and the environment
- In accordance with EU regulations referring to the environment protection.