Glass panes and glazing

We care about every single element of our products on offer. Therefore, having looked for an ideal supplier for our glazed products, we have chosen Glasspol Saint- Gobain which has on its offer the most innovative solutions:
  • small glass roofs,
  • bulletproof panes,
  • SGG PRIVA-LITE panes of controlled transparency,
  • SGG BIOCLEAN self-cleaning panes,
  • SGG SECURIT ALARM panes with an alarm system,
  • panes with the SWISSPACER warm edge.

A careful and thorough analysis of what our customers demand and expect of our windows, doors and winter gardens, makes it possible for us to choose the glass meeting their expectations.

Here are the parameters which we always take into consideration:
  • protection against noise: we get it using thicker panes, asymmetric panes in glass units and laminated panes in which special, multi-layer acoustic film is applied
  • protection against the sunlight: through using glass with selective coating which enables a controlled limitation of the sun energy getting into the inside of the house
  • thermal insulation: it can be obtained through using modern glass units which are a barrier for “running away” of the warmth and which prevent the heat loss
  • Self-cleaning function: through the use of the SGG BIOCLEAN coating the glass acquires photocatalystic and hydrophilic properties. Thanks to the former the dirt is decomposed whereas thanks to the latter the dirt is washed off by rainfall
  • Multifunctional use modern panes are able to meet strict anti-fire requirements. They also protect against noise, sun radiation, heat loss and they are self-cleaning panes.