Entrance door

The entrance door is a showcase for each house. A well-designed door should suit the character of the house and make a good impression.

We manufacture doors in a wide range of designs. However, we can make a door to your own design, too.

Entrance door Entrance door
FRAME 68 x 80
SASH 68 x 140
WOOD Frame made from three-layer timber, door leafs made from five-layer elements / so called “sandwich”/, which prevents the door from twisting
DESIGN Wooden panels or warmth-saving glass panes, anti-burglary and decorative as well as stained glass units – according to previous arrangement
HARDWARE The FUHR multipoint lock with anti-burglary catches as well as additional lock blocking the main lock but also releasing an additional blocking unit
HINGES The Simonswerk regulated hinges of BAKA 2D 20FDMSTS type with anti-burglary function – in accordance with the German Standard DIN V18103ET2
CYLINDER Two technical lock cylinders. Possibility of using a lock cylinder with the KEMAZ certificate
FINISH Available in a wide range of the GORI paint and stain ensuring easy maintenance